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Who am I?

I am someone that thrives on helping people live a better life; a life where we feel whole and connected to our authentic self.

I’ve been on a life-long journey and have gone through many great times and a lot hard and trying times like many of you.  I have experienced loss, pain, love, joy and most recently, I can add sparkle.  I have been married, divorced and remarried; I have children and step-children.  I have struggled and I have thrived.

I have worked in management with the Federal, Provincial and Crown Corporations as well as in non-profits and event planning.  My proudest moments are those spent helping my colleagues, subordinates and peers improve their skills and motivate them to be better so they could lead a happier and more fulfilling life.  I spent a great deal of time refining processes and looking for ways to improve efficiency, proficiency and productivity; however, I was not following my heart which left me feeling that something was missing.  I spent more than 20 years in various jobs where I excelled on the surface but inside I felt like I was dying.

When I turned 40, I started questioning where my life was going; I started thinking about how I felt about it and what it meant for my future.  I realized that this nagging feeling inside, that something missing, wasn’t going to go away unless I took action to fill it.  I truly was at a point where I needed to do what I felt I was supposed to be doing which was helping people (mostly women) who were experiencing similar things to me.  That’s when I decided to go out on my own and make a difference to start helping people.

Ready to Find Your Sparkle?

I have spent more than 18 months researching and producing the programming for  Find Your Sparkle. This individual and group coaching program promises to bring more love, joy, passion, purpose and sparkle into your life!  In 12 weeks I’ll take you on a self-discovery journey where you will rediscover who you are.

My career journey and my mission…

My educational background at the time was in Business Administration with a major in Marketing and a minor in Management and it served me very well throughout my career.  My favourite part of my degree was all of my electives that were in psychology – that was a clear sign that I conveniently ignored.  I am a life-long learner and am always taking courses; some in which certificates were received while others are for my own personal growth.  However, when I decided to branch out on my own, I needed to augment my education.  I became a Certified Coach Practitioner in 2011 and I completed my Adult Education Diploma in 2012.   I thoroughly enjoyed this learning journey which was more in-line with my what I love to do – helping people!

I have made it my mission to help people start a new chapter in their lives where they are in the driver’s seat and have control of where their future takes them.

I am passionate about my work and I want to help you!

Are you ready for your next chapter?  Let’s connect and arrange a 30-minute complimentary consultation!


Find Your Sparkle

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