Did you know that training budgets are usually one of the first areas to get slashed or cut out all together!  It is recommended that a minimum of ten percent (10%) of company budgets be dedicated to training!  Like that happens!  I don’t know about where you work, but in my experience the training budgets fall significantly short of where they should be!  That means that companies need to really pay attention to where their training dollars end up and that there is always a return on investment (ROI).

That’s where I come in.  My goal is to ensure the actual training gaps are being identified and filled based on a needs assessment.  Training is created and developed based on learning objectives derived from the needs assessment.  An evaluation program is built into the program to ensure the training provides a healthy ROI and is money well spent.  Depending on the training requirements, training programs will range in duration – one day to several weeks.

I’d love to work with your organization and help improve productivity, profits and morale!  Employees that are well trained are more efficient, have less absenteeism, are more productive and generally have a better overall attitude.

Put your valuable training dollars to good use and get the training that you or your employees REALLY need!

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