My birthday is in February and I often joke that it was the only decent thing in February.  Well there is Valentine’s Day and now one of my anniversaries – Feb 15 – and a Family Day to help break up the month.  But for a short month, it is one draggy long month!

I figured out many years ago that I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, otherwise know as SAD.  Essentially, we are suffering from the withdrawal and lacking of sunshine and it impacts our vitamin D and other B vitamins.

I really do find the winter months long and I am certainly impacted by the lack of sunshine and daylight.  Although February is on the right end of gaining more day light, I find it a rough one to get through.  There are several reasons for this; some of which occur annually while others are on occasion.  Thankfully, I usually am away for part of the month and then there’s my birthday, Valentine’s and anniversary.  My best friend’s birthday is also in February and we always make an effort to get together to celebrate.  For years I have worked on keeping busy with activities and occasions to get through it.

I have to say that getting South is by far the best thing you can do for yourself so if it’s possible at all, make it happen!  It’s good for the soul.  It may take some saving and planning, but you’re worth it in spades.  In fact, I’m liking the idea of spending two or three months south and really enjoying the daylight, sun, sand and working from wherever I please.  I recently realized that it is actually do-able and within my reach.  In fact, I’m aiming for it to happen in the semi-near future.  I want to do my homework and investigating to find the right place – just the thought of doing the research is exciting!  Is this something on your bucket or wish list?  If so, join me and do your own homework to see what it takes to make it happen!

If that’s not in your reality or not your thing, no worries, below are a few tips to help you survive the winter blaaa months!

  1. Take supplements including; Vitamin D 1000 icu; Omega 3; B complex
  2. Get outside every single day even if it kills you!  Take 10 minute breaks outside – three a day if possible.
  3. Spend time in nature as much as possible.  If you are in the city, find a park and take a break, have a picnic and enjoy your surroundings.  Yes, this is still possible in the winter!
  4. Go for a walk with a friend (or by yourself)
  5. Meditate daily – at least 5 minutes in the morning – 5 minutes in the evening as well.  Build up to more and connect with your inner self and Source.
  6. Gratitude journal – write three things daily for which you are grateful every evening before bed.  As much as you hate winter, take a few minutes to start this practice and it will really make a positive impact on your life and your attitude!
  7. Set a positive intention for the day. This will start the day on a positive note and will help set the tone for a positive day.
  8. Exercise – if you’re like me, you go through stages.  We all know that exercise is critical to our overall health and longevity.  Make a commitment to yourself to find something you like.
  9. Yoga – start a yoga practice.  Not only is yoga good for your body, it’s a great way to connect with your soul.  Yoga has many benefits; of few include: reduced blood pressure, increased awareness, connection with body, mind and soul.  It also helps us to connect with our breath.
  10. Soul Time – schedule time to get together with friends.  It feels so good to get together with friends socially and catch up – It really is good for the soul!  Make it a priority and schedule in regular soul time!

Thankfully, February comes and goes like all months and by the time we head into March, many of us will begin to feel the lightness within ourselves and make room for Spring Fever!