In my business as a life coach and trainer, I frequently get asked “how do I deal with negative people?”

I’d love to tell you that it’s always easy but clearly that’s not always the case.  Of course, the simplest way is to eliminate those negative people from your life.  However, in reality, that is not always possible.  The question remains, for those Negative Nillies that cannot be eliminated from your life, what can you do to deal with them besides limit your exposure to them?

I have had more than my fair share of negative people and I understand how they can be energy suckers and how they can impact our day(s) if we let them and if we don’t have a strategy in place to help keep our energy high and our mood positive!

Below are Five Tips to consider when dealing with negative and toxic people.

#1 First, take an honest look at yourself and check in with the energy you are exuding? What is it attracting: positive or negative?

Are you unintentionally attracting more negativity into your life?  Some days it’s difficult to get yourself out of bed and to get yourself going and that may influence the energy you are giving off.  What is your energy?  Are you someone people want to be around because you make them feel good OR are you someone that people back away from and avoid contacting.  Being honest with yourself takes courage; however, it is totally worth the effort! Check in on your energy several times throughout the day.

#2 Are you part of the 80% that look for the negative and things to complain about OR DO YOU look for the good, the positive and the lessons?

Think about the various conversations you have throughout the day.  Be honest with yourself. Again, do you find yourself complaining and looking for all the stuff that is wrong with the situation, the person, the training, the email and so on, or are you the person that is looking for the positive in people and situations and do you focus on everything that is going right?  This makes an enormous difference in not only your mood but those around you.

#3 Set an intention to set the stage for a positive and productive day that includes lots of love and light; joy and happiness.

Pick something that works for you that makes sense and will be relatively easy for you to live up to especially when you first start setting intentions.  A few suggestions include; “Today is another amazing day!”  “I will fill my day with positivity.” “Life is great.”

These last two tips may seem a tad “out there” for some of you; however, I encourage you to give them a try!  Trust me, they work and I regularly use them very effectively.

#4 If you know you have to deal with that Negative Nilly throughout the day, you can put a protective bubble or force field around you to protect you from the negativity that tries to break you down.

I understand that this may seem a little strange at first but I encourage you to keep an open mind and give this creative visualization a shot.  Imagine putting a protective coating (I use the bubble analogy) of love, light and positive energy around you that acts as a protection against negativity, a force field if you will that bounces and repels the negative energy.

#5 Cleanse the area. Cleanse before and after a visit or contact with the/a Negative Nilly.

Burning Sage bundles can help cleanse areas and anything else requiring a cleanse.  There are also a number of cleanse sprays and incense that are environmentally friendly and cleanse.  Primarily made with natural plants, flowers and herbs.  Create a ritual to clear any negative energy in your space.  You may also wish to use crystals and minerals that have cleansing properties.  The Himalayan salt lamps and candle holders are becoming very popular and are a simple and attractive way to cleanse the area.

An extra tip is to let the person know that you are sensitive to their energy and you’re focusing on being a positive individual and you would appreciate it if they would focus on the positives rather than spreading negativity.  Sometimes this is an eye opener to the individual and usually causes them to pause and examine their own energy and/or behaviour.  By being a positive example, you can increase your sphere of influence and positively influence others.

I hope this gives you some additional insight and confidence into dealing with those Negative Nillies that we can’t avoid.