Individual Life Coaching 30 Minute Session

Weekly or Bi-weekly 1 Hour Sessions

Try a complementary 30 minute session to see if individual life coaching sessions are right for you

To help you prepare for your discovery call, make a list of your questions and be sure to have a pen and paper on hand.

During your discovery call, you will also be asked a number of questions such as;

  • what are your expectations?
  • Are you prepared to put in the time and effort required for your journey?
  • What are your beliefs about coaches and what they do

There is also an opportunity for you to ask questions about the coaching process.

I am based out of beautiful Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada; however, thanks to technology, my clients can live anywhere with an internet connection!

Please complete the form below and I will to get back to you at my earliest opportunity with a few date and time options.

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