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Have you ever considered working with a life coach? Do you wonder if it’s for you?

JAS Potential Intro Life Coaching

Introduction to Life Coaching

I truly believe that everyone can benefit from life coaching – in fact, I have greatly benefitted from having my own life coach. Coaches help you to be accountable, ask and make you think about the tough questions (many of which you have been avoiding), help push and challenge you. Coaching helps you stop living in the past and live in the present – while keeping the lessons learned along the way. Coaches guide you to create your new story while leaving your old story in the past where it should be! Coaching helps bring awareness and enables us to identify poor or self-sabotaging habits and replace or create new and positive habits while eliminating and reducing poor habits.

My Approach

I believe in taking a holistic approach with my clients because every area and aspect of our lives can impact other areas. When we focus on ourselves as a whole, the benefits help create harmony in our lives, peace in our souls, joy in our hearts, love in our lives and increases our creativity, passion and leaves us with a sense of purpose.

Why Choose Life Coaching?

Coaching provides the tools to help ensure success continues after coaching has concluded but it’s up to you to ensure you continue your new routines – it’s easy to fall back into old habits. Imagine waking up every day feeling excitement about what the day has to come and having your heart swell with joy!

Are you more than what you are right now? Which coaching style is better for you?

My new Find Your Sparkle With Jen Group Coaching Program Online - 12 Weeks

My new Find Your Sparkle with Jen Group coaching program focuses on finding your authentic self but in a group setting.  It is similar to individual coaching without the one-on-one time.  This is offset by group participation and sharing the challenges and successes from other members in the group.  It also includes one 30-minute individual coaching call as well as participation in a closed Facebook Group.

This coaching program runs for a 12-week period.   You may want to go deeper!  Time for one-on-one coaching!  There’s also the FYS Facebook Tribe where you can check in regularly, post your thoughts, comments, ideas or whatever else might sparkle your fancy!

If you’re like most women, you need to find and/or rekindle your sparkle!  The good news is you’re not alone and I can help!

I am excited to introduce Find Your Sparkle (FYS) as my signature program!

I have spent more than 18 months researching and producing the programming for FYS!  Find Your Sparkle offers individual and group coaching programs that promise to bring more love, joy, passion, purpose and sparkle into your life!  These programs run for 12 weeks and will take you on a self-discovery journey where you will rediscover who you are; rekindle your inner passion and make a plan to insert more joy into your everyday life.  We all can use more joy in our life!  My Find Your Sparkle Group Coaching Program has been very well received and this 12 week program will be held several times throughout the year!

Find Your Sparkle Goal

My goal is for Find Your Sparkle to become a GLOBAL movement where everyone is equipped with the tools to Discover, Honour, Rediscover, Keep, Nurture and Find Their Sparkle! I’d love to get into the schools early and encourage kids to follow their dreams; regardless of what anyone tells them!  I want to help build their confidence and teach others, especially us adults, to be cautious of the words we use; those damaging words that unintentionally come from our mouths – we will never know or even suspect the power they have with others!

I want to get my message to as many people as possible!  I will be doing Find Your Sparkle presentations throughout Canada and beyond!  These presentations start your creative juices flowing and inspire and motivate you to take action and begin your own personal Find Your Sparkle discovery journey!

Individual Life Coaching - Weekly or Bi-weekly 1 Hour Sessions

This is where your self-discovery journey begins!  This is your opportunity to dig deep, do some serious soul searching and get in touch with your authentic self!  When you are living your authentic life, you will have more joy, love and sparkle in your life.  Life coaching will guide you to find or rediscover your purpose and passion.  Coaching provides a safe environment to confront your fears, release your dreams and enable you to the opportunity to explore and find your authentic self.

Individual life coaching provides one-on-one coaching for a specified period of time typically between a minimum of three months to twelve months often followed by periodic check-ins.  These sessions get very in-depth; may cause tears and confusion or doubt; require a commitment to do the weekly work that builds upon previous weeks; and will be one of the best gifts you can give yourself!

Find Your Sparkle

New Session Coming Soon!

Are you ready to Find Your Sparkle? My signature coaching program Find Your Sparkle can make a difference.

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When I was at my lowest I found Jennifer. Her insights, enthusiasm and positive feedback have given me hope and the ability to see that I am not alone and that better days are coming.


Dartmouth, NS

I was in a bad place when I got in touch with Jen. I really didn’t have any hope but a friend recommended her. She helped me shift my focus and start seeing the good all around me. That was surprising because I really didn’t think I had anything positive. Jen helped me realize that our thoughts have a lot to do with our lives and I now believe that! I have a long way yet to go, but I am thankful that I reached out!

Karrie T

Moncton, NB

I was amazed that I was able to let go of the past that was holding me back. Jen helped me realize that I am stronger than I know, smarter than I think and braver than I imagined. I feel more confident and excited about life and what is yet to come! Thanks Jen!

Liz R

Halifax, NS