I was first introduced to Reiki while living in Ontario in 2002.  I had never heard of it until I read an article in my doctor’s office and it peaked my curiousity right away.  Over the course of the following two weeks, I went from never hearing about Reiki to being bombarded with it. In fact, I was talking to my cousin in Ottawa and she happened to be taking a course that weekend! Needless to say, I registered and that was the official start of my Reiki journey.  I obtained my Reiki Master/Teacher designation in 2004 before moving back to Nova Scotia.  I consider Reiki a gift and I love to share it!

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing method that uses the universal life energy (Reiki) to manipulate energy flow throughout the body. Reiki releases negative energy blockages thus enabling the body to release its natural healing ability.

Reiki is used for stress management, pain reduction, muscle tension, augmented healing and sleep improvement.  Many people who receive Reiki say they experience a revived spirit, better healing and an increase in overall well-being.

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