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Find Your Sparkle Programs & Coaching

Find Your Sparkle Programs & Coaching

STAY TUNED FOR NEW PROGRAMMING COMING SOON Hi friends - Times are changing! I am excited to let you know that new Find Your Sparkle Coaching & Programming is on the horizon.  Why?  My mission on earth is to help as many people as possible start their own personal...

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Customized Training

Did you know that training budgets are usually one of the first areas to get slashed or cut out all together!  It is recommended that a minimum of ten percent (10%) of company budgets be dedicated to training!  Like that happens!  I don’t know about where you work,...

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Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) – Are You “PMAing”?

Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) – Are You “PMAing”? How’s your PMA?  When was the last time you gave any thought to your level of PMA?  Do you have practices, techniques or rituals that you put into play each day to help maintain your PMA or are you on auto-pilot and...

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Time Management – What’s in Your 24 Hours?

Time Management – What’s in Your 24 Hours? We all have the same 24 hours available to us everyday, yet it often doesn’t seem adequate.  What separates those that are seemingly more productive than those of us struggling to fit in everything? Many of us struggle with...

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Stress Management – Stressed, Who Me?

These days, it’s more common than not for people to be stressed out! Deadlines, schedules, the endless list of to-do’s, family, work, never-ending responsibilities, it’s no surprise that an estimated 80% of sick days are related to stress!

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My Introduction to Energy work, the Emotion Code & Reiki

I’ve known since I was a child that energy played an important role and someday I’d be working with it; although I had no idea what any of that meant as it was more of a knowing. Although, I have always been fascinated by energy, I could not grasp much of what...

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