Time Management – What’s in Your 24 Hours?

We all have the same 24 hours available to us everyday, yet it often doesn’t seem adequate.  What separates those that are seemingly more productive than those of us struggling to fit in everything?

Many of us struggle with deadlines, completing our To-Do lists, looking after our homes, our family, volunteering and our careers/businesses not to mention trying to fit time in for our own well-being!  We often are overwhelmed and stressed as we juggle to attempt to finish and accomplish everything that “needs” to be completed.

What’s in Your 24 Hours will look at three time-management strategies that are practical, simple (yet not necessarily easy) and do-able to help get you back on track, increase productivity and motivation while instilling a sense of peace and accomplishment and putting you back in control of your life, time and your career/business!

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